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Paving the way for publication of the first ever Bulletin of the OIE

8 March 1927 90 years of expertise

8 March 1927: Less than three years after the creation of the OIE, the twenty-six Delegates at the first General Session took the decision to publish the Bulletin of the Office International des Epizooties.

Communicating on the OIE’s activities

The OIE’s oldest official publication, the Bulletin provides the means to exchange information with the Organisation’s Member Countries and partners. The first issue contained the text of the International Agreement establishing the Office International des Epizooties and the report of the first meeting of the International Committee of the OIE, now known as the World Assembly of Delegates.

Volume I came into existence in July 1927. The Bulletin was then a monthly publication. As the OIE’s only publication, the Bulletin contained a wealth of information on a range of subjects, which expanded to keep pace with the development of the Organisation: epidemiological and regulatory information, scientific articles, reports on activities (including General Sessions and International Conferences), official documents, partnerships with other international organisations, etc.

Throughout the years, the OIE Bulletin rapidly evolved.

From the OIE Bulletin to a range of OIE publications

From 1981 onwards, after 93 volumes of the Bulletin, there was a growing need to diversify the OIE’s publications in order to disseminate more specific information in more highly specialised and targeted fields, and to meet the requirements of a more varied public. These new publications gradually expanded the OIE’s library of reference works, including for instance the Scientific and Technical Review, the Terrestrial Code and the Aquatic Code, etc.

All these works have become a key source of documentation for the international scientific community with an interest in animals and facilitate the global advancement of veterinary medicine. They cover all aspects of animal health and welfare and veterinary public health worldwide.

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These changes throughout the years have led to the modernisation of the Bulletin, which is now attractively illustrated and more user-friendly.
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The OIE Bulletin today

The new Bulletin seeks to raise awareness of the life of the Organisation, its activities and its usefulness for the international community. It acts as “the voice of the OIE” throughout the world.

Since 2002, the Bulletin has been a quarterly publication (4 issues a year), edited in the OIE’s three official languages: French, English and Spanish.

“Our aim is for the Bulletin to reflect the components and dynamic forces of our Organisation: its Members, its Commissions, its Regional Representations, its Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres and its Headquarters”, says Dr Bernard Vallat, Director General of the OIE.

Since 2006, the Bulletin has been available online on the OIE website.

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The Bulletin covers the following topics:

Editorial by the Director General of the OIE 

The Editorial deals either with a topical scientific or technical issue or with a subject relating the organisation and strategy of the OIE. The last issue of each year focuses on the General Session.


The Forum section gives Delegates, Regional Representatives, Presidents of Specialist Commissions or Regional Commissions and senior staff at Headquarters a platform to express themselves on topics of general interest. This section also includes answers to queries regarding interpretation of the Terrestrial Code and the Aquatic Code.

OIE News

This section covers new OIE publications, news and activities relating to the OIE Headquarters and Regional Representations, official acts as well as various meetings and visits organised by the OIE.

The OIE and its Partners 

This section includes information on animal disease control programmes implemented in regions or individual Member Countries and the activities of Reference Laboratories and Collaborating Centres.

International News

Each issue contains a selection of meetings, international events and publications, as well as recommendations issued by OIE Member Countries.

Questions and Answers 

The Bulletin often includes a question and answer section on topical subjects, two recent examples being rabies and avian influenza.

90 years of … Standards, Transparency, Expertise and Solidarity

In 2014, the four issues of the Bulletin will deal successively with the four key themes – Standards, Transparency, Expertise and Solidarity – that have marked the history of the OIE. Each of the four issues will include a double-page spread recalling the key dates of the OIE, classified by theme:

  • Bulletin No. 1: Standards
  • Bulletin No. 2: Transparency
  • Bulletin No. 3: International solidarity
  • Bulletin No. 4: Expertise















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