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Public access to Animal diseases information facilitated by WAHID

8 January 2007 90 years of transparency

8 January 2007, launch of WAHID. The OIE provides online public access to its World Animal Health Information System (WAHIS) database via the new World Animal Health Information Database (WAHID) interface

WAHID replaced the Handistatus II web interface, which, since 1996, had been collecting data on animal diseases and zoonoses on a monthly or annual basis depending on the disease.

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WAHID: real-time access to animal health information for all

WAHID is a unique global tool that forms the cornerstone of OIE efforts to improve the transparency, efficiency and speed with which animal health information is disseminated throughout the world.
The WAHID interface provides access to all available information on animal diseases, including zoonoses, presented by country, region, month or year. It is accessible to the general public online. It complements WAHIS, which is the web-based system used by OIE Member Countries, since April 2006, to report animal health information online in real time.

WAHID, for advanced data on:

  • animal populations in OIE Member Countries;
  • maps of exceptional epidemiological events;
  • global distribution maps of OIE listed animal diseases;
  • tools for comparing the disease status of different countries. This can help define potential health hazards linked with trade between countries in live animals or animal products;
  • information on each Member Country’s Veterinary Service, laboratories and vaccine production.

“WAHID is designed to provide high quality animal disease information to all stakeholders, including Veterinary Services, international organisations, trading partners, academics, the media and the larger public. All can access this information to monitor with us the evolution of animal diseases in one or more countries or regions of the world.”

WAHID, more powerful than the previous tool

WAHID replaced the Handistatus II interface, which contained data for the period 1996-2004, which were updated monthly or annually depending on the disease. For more information















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