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The OIE’s publications

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The OIE’s publications are a valuable source of documentation for the international scientific community with an interest in animals.

In accordance with its mission as a source of expertise, the OIE collects, analyses and disseminates the latest veterinary scientific information. Its publications thus contribute to global scientific excellence. They cover all aspects of animal health and welfare and veterinary public health worldwide.

From the OIE Bulletin to a full range of OIE publications

The Organisation’s first official publication, the Bulletin, was launched in 1927 and provided the means to exchange information with Member Countries and professionals involved in livestock and animal health around the world. The first issue contained the International Agreement of 1924 establishing the Office International des Epizooties, and the report of the first meeting of the International Committee of the OIE, now known as the “World Assembly of Delegates”.

The diversification and expansion of the contents of this periodical have culminated in the vast range of OIE publications available today.

Relive the birth of the OIE Bulletin

90 years of publications


The need to diversify the OIE’s publications soon became apparent in order to disseminate more precise information in more highly specialised fields, and to meet the requirements of a more varied public. New publications thus gradually expanded the OIE’s library of reference publications.

For a reminder: this poster reflecting the development and diversification of the OIE’s range of publications was prepared and then presented at  the 11th Conference of the European Association for Health Information and Libraries (EAHIL) in Helsinki in 2008. 

An extensive range of publications

Each year, in addition to its intergovernmental  standards, the OIE issues serial publications and major thematic publications, as well as the proceedings of international conferences. Virtually all the works published or co-published by the OIE are available in English, French and Spanish, and some are also available in Russian, Chinese and Arabic.

Focus on several major OIE publications

Scientific and Technical Review

The Scientific and Technical Review is a peer-reviewed publication (3 issues a year) with the accent on scientific information. It contains in-depth studies devoted to current scientific and technical developments in animal health, veterinary public health, food safety and animal welfare worldwide, while indicating their relevance to the practical problems encountered in these fields. Articles are written by leading world experts who are well placed to give a privileged insight into the topic in question.

See the list of issues of the Scientific and Technical Review.

Thematic publications

The thematic publications (2 per year) provide in-depth knowledge on specific topics of relevance to the OIE. The most recent releases relate to:

  • Camelid infectious disorders (2014)
  • Bee health and veterinarians (2014)

A plurithematic issue of the Scientific and Technical Review is also published one a year. Contributions for this issue are encouraged from scientists in developing countries.

For more information

Atlas of Transboundary Animal Diseases: an OIE best seller

First published in 2010, the Atlas of Transboundary Animal Diseases is designed to help rapidly identify the main transboundary diseases of livestock.
The Atlas provides a compilation of illustrations of the clinical signs and post mortem lesions associated with 29 OIE-notifiable animal diseases, supplemented by basic information from the OIE technical disease cards on each of these diseases.

Input for this consolidated reference volume comes from the OIE’s global network of veterinary epidemiologists and diagnostic experts and the support of APHIS-USDA.

OIE Online Bookshop

New in 2014: two additional online resource sections

•    Guidelines, training manuals and online animal health information
•    Economic studies

Publications Catalogue 2014

The OIE’s annual Publications Catalogue includes information on hundreds of available publications.

The OIE Documentation Centre

The OIE Documentation Centre was created in the early 1990s with a view to gathering together OIE publications and working documents. It contains a vast number of items (more than 13 000 printed documents), indexed, classified and analysed using a bilingual thesaurus developed specifically for the activities of the Organisation.

The collection contains most of the OIE’s official publications produced since its creation, all of the resolutions and recommendations adopted by the International Committee (now the World Assembly of Delegates) since 1924, as well as various other working documents and reports, recording the history of the Organisation.

This documentary resource is updated daily and the number of documents is constantly growing.

ALEXANDRIE, the OIE database accessible to all

The OIE online database now includes more than 6,000 documents, arising from its activities between 1924 and 2014 . It is one of the most heavily used tools on the OIE website, with no less than 2.7 million searches in 2013.
Searches can be made by keyword, subject, language, source, year, author, etc.

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